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    Fresh air system for public places

    At present, the utilization rate of air conditioning in public places, more and more people in a closed environment for a long time, because of the lack of the necessary air flow, indoor air quality is very poor, easy cause fatigue unwell and the spread of disease, therefore, measures must be taken for air exchange, using fresh air ventilation with heat recovery unit make the fresh air and exhaust air heat exchange equipment, can be very good to solve this problem.

    Current status of air quality in public places:

    1. Poor ventilation;

    2. Large flow of people, more pollution sources, poor indoor air quality;


    The introduction of fresh air, "Public Health indicators and Limits requirements" for fresh air volume put forward clear requirements.

    Causing problems:

    Introduce a large number of fresh air, direct discharge of indoor air, resulting in a large waste of energy;

    How to solve:

    The fresh air ventilation equipment with heat recovery device makes heat exchange between fresh air and exhaust air, which not only effectively improves indoor air quality, but also solves a large amount of energy waste.

    Schematic diagram of heat recovery fresh air ventilation equipment

    Fresh air system for public places(圖1)

    New air volume recommended table for comfortable air-conditioned rooms

    Fresh air system for public places(圖2)

    Fresh air system for public places(圖3)