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    Brief analysis of the installation process of fresh air system

    The installation of fresh air system plays a decisive role in the use process. Scientific and reasonable system design and piping installation can not only achieve the best ventilation effect, but also extend the service life of the machine, bringing you a better experience.

    1. Before installation, we will communicate with you about the best installation method of the fresh air system and determine a more reasonable pipe direction on the basis of not affecting the building strength and decoration style.

    Accurate positioning can reduce the installation error, make the air duct installation more straight, also facilitate the later decoration work.

    2. The location and manner of openings are very special, especially the outdoor openings need a certain slope, which can effectively prevent the invasion of rainwater.

    3. Fresh air equipment needs to be lifted in the kitchen or bathroom where the functionality is higher than the aesthetics, so as to avoid the impact of the high-end mode of fresh air system on the noise.

    4. Air duct installation should be as straight as possible. Pipe fittings with small wind resistance should be selected at the connection to ensure even air flow inside the duct.

    5. Before the formal use, there is still a period of time to decorate, need to install fresh air equipment and tuyere for protection, prevent dust into.

    6. After finishing the decoration, environmental Dutopp installation personnel will come to install the tuyere for you and conduct equipment debugging.

    7. Each function is tested item by item. The air volume of the tuyere is measured by adjusting the regulating valve or pipe on the tuyere, so that the actual air volume of each room reaches the design value, ensuring the indoor micro-positive pressure state, and preventing the outdoor haze from penetrating into the crack and the door of other places.

    8. After explaining the main points of use and daily maintenance of the fresh air system to you, and explaining the automatic, manual, timed and other operating processes of the fresh air system, you will officially start a comfortable fresh air experience journey.

    Brief analysis of the installation process of fresh air system(圖1)